Application of Augmented Reality Technology in a Custom Car Ride Selection Application (Case Study: Impala Auto Fashion)


  • Hendrawan Syahrizal STIMIK AMIKOM
  • Taqwa Hariguna STIMIK AMIKOM



augmented reality, MDLC, custom car


The use of augmented reality technology as an auxiliary medium in the wheel selection process is proof of the very rapid development of technology. An effective way to make work easier is by utilizing augmented reality technology, namely combining two-dimensional objects or three-dimensional objects that are applied to the real world. In other words, augmented reality is a combination of two or three-dimensional objects with the real world. A lot of time and energy is simply spent during the process of replacing car rims because the car owner does not feel comfortable with how to disassemble the rims, therefore the augmented reality application is a breakthrough to simplify and speed up the process of selecting rims, the method used is concept, design, assembly, testing, and distribution. The result of the research is an augmented reality application to simplify the process of selecting and replacing car rims on Impala auto fashion.